Coolest Hello Kitty Cake

My daughter Olivia wanted a Hello Kitty cake for her 6th birthday. However, there are not any Hello Kitty cake pans for sale in the US market (they can be purchased online from Hong Kong) so I had to make my own design.

My daughter had made a Hello Kitty doll at Build-A-Bear so I traced its’ head onto a piece of waxed paper, then cut the design out. I placed the design on a 9×13″ cake and carefully cut around it. I then made a white buttercream icing and used a Wilton star tip in size 21 and covered the entire cake with white stars.

Next, I traced the bow and covered it with dark pink stars using a size 17 star tip. The final part of the cake that I iced was the light pink heart on the bow and I used a size 17 star tip.

The final steps to complete the cake included placing 2 large black jelly bean “eyes” on the cake, adding a small yellow jelly bean “nose” and adding the six black licorice whiskers. (The jelly beans and licorice laces were purchased in the bulk candy isle at Wegmans grocery store).

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