Coolest Hello Kitty Cake

I baked two square 22cm chocolate sponge cakes for this Hello Kitty cake. Then sandwiched it together and placed it in the freezer. I took it out after 2 hours and then I cut out a template of Hello Kitty’s face, placed on the cake with pins then cut out the cake accordingly .

I iced the cake with a thin layer of butter cream and then again with fondant. Cut our the accents with fondant and stuck on the cake. The bow is made by using a circle and a heart cookie cutter. (cut two hearts from fondant and one circle, place hearts on bottom and circle over the heart).

The whiskers is the letter I from my cookie cutter. The eyes and nose are round cutters and shaped into oval. Some of the black from the whiskers/eyes leaked onto the white and I just removed it with a wet cue tip.

The cake is decorated with fondant and coloured using gel food colouring.

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