Coolest Hello Kitty Cake Idea

This Hello Kitty Cake Idea was made for a friend’s daughter’s 4th birthday. She loves Hello Kitty, and I had just taken the Wilton courses. I found a cute picture out of a coloring book, and transferred the outline to a cake. I used a star tip to fill the image, and outlined it in black. I used a simple shell border, and drop flowers.

The hardest part of this cake was getting the colors right! I first tried to use the blue Wilton food coloring, but I could not get this color. I threw out the first batch and then started with a very little turquoise, and then added a tiny bit at a time until I got this color or blue. And, the Wilton pink coloring will not get this color of pint. I had to start out with pink, and then I had to add a tiny amount of burgundy.

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