My 5 yr old loves hello kitty and wanted me to make the cake. I decided for first time ever to give a cupcake cake a try! I copy hello kitty on parchment paper and laid it on cupcakes then star tipped pink around face then filled in hello kitty face. my daughter face was priceless to see the cake I made. I was excited to ma. This cake star tipping takes a while. The cupcakes should of been more even as I had some bigger and some smaller. Initially I really wasnt sure the cake would turn out that good. Once I got to the bow the last star tipping I had to do I felt so relieved! everyone complimented the work and for the first cupcake cake iwas happy:) oh my daughter likes flowers so she picked them out havent ventured to making them yet! The hardest part for me is how fast frosting melts so having to stop a lot to refridge. But this was fastest I star tipped so was happy with that! her party was all hello kitty and all went well cake made the event:)