Coolest Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Each year I choose to make cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday parties. I find them easier to hand out rather than taking the time to cut a cake, while avoiding hearing requests and cries from the kids for the piece with the most frosting or whose piece is bigger. Plus, no forks and plates are needed!

For her 4th Birthday, she wanted Hello Kitty. I searched online for Hello Kitty Cupcakes, but couldn’t find what I wanted in order to create the right oval shape of her head and ears, so I took ideas from a few different ones and came up with these which ended up being SO EASY!

For the cupcakes, I used 1 box of “Funfetti” (Pilsbury?) white cake mix that has the rainbow sprinkles mixed in to keep with the fun Hello Kitty color scheme. Then, I found Reynolds foil HEART FUN SHAPES baking cups. Before filling them, I manipulated the shape by hand stretching/flattening the bottom of the heart to make it more oval for her head shape, and pulled/pinched the top of the heart to create the ears and top of her head. I lined the cups on a cookie sheet and filled them about 2/3 full, and baked them according to the cupcake directions on the box.

Once cooled, I kept the cupcakes in the liners and frosted them with regular store bought white frosting. (I did attempt to take the cupcake out of the liner and frost the sides too, but it started to get too messy and time consuming for me.)

For the eyes and nose, I used Mini M&M’s (my 4 year old got to help by sorting out the yellow and brown ones) and black tube icing for the whiskers. The flowers in her hair are store bought icing decorations I found in the baking section of a craft store. Rather than party hats, we used Hawaiian Flower Leis that matched perfectly.

For the “serving platter” I covered the top of a pizza box with wrapping paper I found at a Dollar store.

All the kids, even the boys, enjoyed these perfect sized cupcakes; and their parents wanted to know where I bought them!!

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