This Hello Kitty Mustache Cake was for my daughter’s 9th birthday. She wanted Hello Kitty so here it is. It took 2 days to complete. I didn’t use my own recipe, just a simple pre-made mix from Coles. I used 4 cake mixes to make it high.

I put strawberry jam between layers so they stuck together then covered in royal icing. I drew up a stencil of Hello Kitty to the size of the cake and used little dots to line where everything was supposed to be. I used icing sugar with color to get the right colors and decorated. everyone loved the cake and was still very moist in the middle which was good. they all went back for seconds.

I tried to use the icing pens but they were really hard to use and made my hands hurt. I recommend using soft icing as it’s easier to use, just make sure its thick.