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Coolest Hello Kitty Tanker Cake Idea

The Hello Kitty Tanker Idea came about when my boss asked me to make a cake for his wife. I asked, what does your wife like? Any ideas? Colors, shapes, characters, flavors? To my dismay, he didn’t have a clue, his wife of 20 years! So, I asked around, found out that she likes Hello Kitty and strawberries! My bff suggested I make a Hello Kitty coming out of a tanker. Captain Mrs. J. David. Loved the idea of making her the captain for a day! Simple as that!

The bottom of the tank was strawberry cake with fresh strawberries and jam filling, top of tank was chocolate cake with the same filling. Hello kitty was chocolate cake with no filling and the hat was vanilla cake. For the frosting I made Wilton’s Butter Cream recipe. Tank was covered with fondant colored with moss green, leaf green, brown and a hint of yellow coloring.

The Hello Kitty pearls where made with fondant colored with gray food coloring. Flowers where also made with yellow colored fondant and then adorned them with edible sugar pearls.

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