Coolest Hershey Bar Cake

This Hershey Bar Cake is a chocolate cake covered with chocolate icing. I used vanilla icing for the writing and some yellow for the “with almonds.”

I used real almonds on the cake to give it a whimsical feel. I gave it to my boyfriend for our six month anniversary because this is his favorite candy and he loved it.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Hershey Bar Cake”

  1. I looked EVERYWHERE for a Hershey Bar cake for my son’s 10th birthday since he loves Hershey’s chocolate anything. I wish I would have seen this cake before, but he had to settle on another design instead. After showing him this picture, I think he’s already decided this will be THE cake for his next birthday!

  2. The cake-meister strikes again. Shows what some time, creativity and a propensity for great ideas can bring. Happy anniversary Hershey girl!

  3. This looks great!! I will definitely use this for valentine’s day cake for my husband! But no almonds, not for me. Heh! Again, you did amazing job on this!


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