Cool Homemade High Heel Shoe Cake

For my daughter’s 15th birthday, my mom got my daughter a high heel shoe chair. So I wanted to make a matching cake. I was hoping to have the cake match the chair exactly. My cake didn’t rise like it should have which altered the dimensions of my high heel shoe cake. So I ended up making it a completely different shoe than the chair.

Almost all the work on the cake was in making the base for the cake. I started with a paper towel roll and wire for the heel. Then wired it to the sole, then wired that to the cardboard platter. The top of the “open toe” is just frosted cardboard and wire with licorice trim and cut up airhead candy for the mosaic design.

Originally I wired some red licorice and made an ankle strap with a buckle, but it really made the cake look disproportionate. So I took it off the cake and frosted over my mistake. To keep the cake from sliding down in the “arch” area of the shoe, I made a few holes in the cardboard base of the arch area and had toothpicks stuck down in the holes and sticking straight up and sort of impaled the cake to the base.

I used boxed cake mix and store bought frosting. I covered the heel with sour Airheads candy using frosting as glue.

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