Coolest High Heels Cake

This High Heels Cake was made for a young lady who loves high heel shoes! She loves the color green just about as much and is always dressed her best.

The cake was a two layer vanilla cream cake with vanilla frosting. It was covered with a layer of green fondant and small dots made out of contrasting fondant.

The high heel shoe was templated using graph paper. I started with the sole (2 layers) and dried them each on florist foam cut in the same shape I wanted for the bottom of the shoe. I molded the heel and pierced in with a lollipop stick and left it to dry. I attached the sides of the shoe with black tinted royal icing and created the rose out on gumpaste. More dots were added and the cake was left to set for a day.

Lots of fun making this one!

5 thoughts on “Coolest High Heels Cake”

  1. Hi Just saw you cake, and it is so nice….that fondant is the thing to use on cakes now, it is so neat…..I hope to try this someday….


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