Coolest Hip Hop Birthday Cake

This was done for a 10 year old boys birthday.  He was having a dance party theme so I knew I wanted to having the dancing silhouette’s on the side.  Wasn’t sure what the top was going to be but then I remembered I had a dome cake pan that resembled a flat brim hat.

I wanted the back ground on the bottom tier to be different from my previous cakes, so I decided to give edible spray paint a shot.  It was fun to work with but I am very glad I put a nice big drop cloth down cause it was everywhere! Very easy to work with once I got the hang of how the fast the nozzles sprayed.   I really liked the look it gave it and was glad that it left no taste on my buttercream.

I had planned to pipe the dancers onto wax paper, freeze, and then transfer to the cake (as I had seen on youtube) but that didn’t work out.   I ended up drawing everything free hand and  was very happy with the results!

The base has a bottom layer of vanilla cake, filled with oreo buttercream icing, and then a top layer of chocolate cake. This is my 2nd time doing a cake this way and I am going to recommended it to my friends from now on.  It never fails that at a party you get the people who only like chocolate or vanilla.  This cake allowed the kiddos to just eat the layer they liked.  The hat is made of a vanilla chocolate marble cake and it one solid piece.  Baking the cakes and making all the buttercream took about 3 hours.  Assembly and decorating took 4 hours.

The birthday boy loved it and it got great reviews from all the partygoers!