Coolest Hippy Bumblebee Cake

I really enjoyed making this hippy bumblebee cake for a friend’s mums’s 60th birthday, she LOVES bees and was a bit of a hippy back in the 60’s. The bee is made from 3 x orange cakes baked in a small Pyrex glass bowl. The base is a square lemon sponge. I made the wings 2 days in advance out of flower paste and inserted wires and left to dry. It was hard to insert the wires without breaking through but using a bit of patience it was fine in the end. The antennae were made using the same technique, 2 days in advance and using wires.

I covered the orange cakes in yellow sugarpaste and then made the stripes, mouth and painted on the mouth, Tada….. A bee!!! I used a grass nozzle to make the grass butter cream and made a lot of big hippy flowers and peace signs to decorate.

Great fun and very effective

Hippy Bumblebee cake

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