Coolest Hogwarts Castle Birthday Cake

This Hogwarts Castle Birthday Cake is a fruit cake covered with chocolate Ganache. The fruit cake is one of my mom’s recipes. What gives this cake a really nice taste and aroma are the canary/cake seeds. The chocolate Ganache was made with equal proportions of chocolate and cream.

I made the castle roof with ice cream cones and chocolate wafers. I coated these biscuits with Ganache and sprinkled brown sugar over them to give that rustic look. I used two types of ice cream cones- the flat bottom and the ones with pointed ends. The flat base ones made good pillars for the tapering ended roof(made from pointed cones).

The Qudditch goal rings were made of chewable candy held at the bottom by skewer sticks.

The foot of the bridge was made with cake and the top with wafer biscuits coated with Ganache. This cake was for my brother who is a BIG Harry Potter fan.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Hogwarts Castle Birthday Cake”

  1. Sheelu……congratulations on making such a good cake…its really very well done….

    I guess its a treat for the eyes and stomach……. it looks really great and beautiful.


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