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Coolest Homemade A Johnson Jersey Cake

I made this jersey cake for my friend for her birthday party, she is a huge Andre Johnson fan.

The cake was made with a 1/2 sheet pan, no layers, wanted the cake to appear as a real jersey. The sleeves were a bit of a challenge. This was my first jersey cake and I was faithing it.

The icing was made with butter cream and the A. Johnson and his # was printed on a sugar sheet, the red strips were made using red fondant and eyeballing my husband’s actual jersey. I used Crystal Dazzlers from the local Hobby Lobby  (I forewarned my friend that these are not edible).

The retail tag was made of gum paste and a sugar sheet and it was personalized by the local cake supply here (they have done wonders for my frosting sheets.)

I would have loved to use fondant for the entire cake but my friend is not a fan of fondant, this just makes me better at using butter cream icing.

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