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Coolest Homemade Billiards Birthday Cake

This Billiards cake was made for my hubby’s fortieth birthday.

I made individual cupcakes in liners, and attached them with a dab of glue onto a cake board covered in green felt to simulate a pool table. I used a star tip to ice the cupcakes with all the ball colours, including the white ball at the bottom. The white circle in the middle of each coloured cupcake is a vanilla wafer covered in white icing. Since all the number 40’s were pretty small, I printed them out on paper and stuck them on the tops, rather than try to print the numbers in icing. The writing on the felt is icing.

This was lots of fun, easy to make and a crowd-pleaser. We just passed it around, and people peeled off their cupcakes! I made extras to have on hand once the originals were gone.

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