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Coolest Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

My granddaughter Abby requested a princess Homemade Castle Birthday Cake for her 5th birthday. I made two lemon cake mix cakes into two 9 inch square pans, two small round pans and 5 cupcakes with silver liners. I used a simple buttercream frosting tinted pink.

I brushed the ice cream cones with melted apricot jam to stick on the little stars. I put a long skewer down through the cones and cake to keep them in place. I cut graham crackers with a scissors, just shaved away a little at a time, to form the windows and door. Marshmallows formed the crenelations and Neccos made the path.

I used lots of heart shaped candies that I kept in my freezer since Valentines Day to decorate the sides. The suckers are stuck in Playdoh with some green colored coconut for grass. I used ribbon for the flags. Polly Pocket donated her time to play the princess.

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  1. This is probably the sweetest castle cake I have seen! I love the cupcakes, what a great idea – and so simple and cute! Also the Necco path. Thanks for sharing!


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