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Coolest Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

For her 4th birthday, my daughter said she wanted a “Homemade Castle Birthday Cake” for her birthday. Unable to find a plastic castle to put on top of a home-made cake, I remembered the Wilton “Romantic Castle” Cake set. After seeing that the pieces were just plastic and the spires looked a lot like ice cream cones, I checked the internet and found the coolest-birthday-cakes.com site.

To make the cake we cooked two 9″ layers and a 6″ layer using two white cake mixes. I then used canned frosting (vanilla on the bottom and chocolate on top) to frost the layers. The spires were made from a cake cone with a sugar cone frosted, rolled in sugar crystals and inverted into the top of the cake cone. I put vanilla frosting on the bottom of each cone to stick it to the cake plate.

The top spire was created by spearing a cake cone through with a wooden kabob spear pushed all the way to the cake plate. Enough of the wooden kabob spear stuck out of the top of the cake cone to help support the sugar cone that was inverted for the upper spire. The “firecracker” decoration was then pushed through the very tip of the upper spire sugar cone.

The moat is made of vanilla frosting on the cake plate with green and blue sugar crystals. The bridge is two snack size KitKat candy bars side by side and frosted with chocolate frosting to hide the words on the candy bars. The ropes for the bridge are a Twizzler candy cut in half and the door is a snack size Hershey bar with a single Nerd candy stuck to it with chocolate frosting for the door handle.

The windows on the second story are made of M & M’s with the “m” side stuck in the frosting. The main pink window in the front of the second story is a Laffy Taffy cut and scored with a knife. The flowers and letters on the rest of the cake are the sugar type that are sold on a sheet of cardboard.

The dragon in the front holding the candles is by the Fred company and is called a “Wishosaurus”.

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