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Coolest Homemade Caterpillar Birthday Cake

This Homemade Caterpillar Birthday Cake was for niece Katie-Beth’s 11th birthday. I bake all the birthday cakes for my nephew, his wife and their 11 kids!! What fun to see their expectant faces as I arrive at the parties!

I baked a strawberry cake mix with added mini chocolate chips in a bundt pan. I cut the baked cake into 5 sections (I think!) and connected them with a light layer of the icing – tub of purchased cream cheese icing with enough cocoa powder mixed in to make a nice milk chocolate flavor and firmer consistency. The stripe down the back of the “pillar” is chopped slivered almonds.

The rest of the decorations speak for themselves, I think. The candles were placed at an angle along the sides of the cake. It was exceptionally moist and yummy! Take a look at her sister Kassie-Jo’s butterfly cake, the transformation of this caterpillar two weeks later!

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