Coolest Homemade Cinderella Birthday Cake

My mom and I took on the task of making this Cinderella Birthday cake for my daughter.

We used strawberry cake on the bottom, chocolate on the next tier, and on the very top an eggless chocolate cake. We used store-bought icing and used food coloring to get that perfect shade of pink. We used the new cupcake frosting in the dispenser, which resembles whipped cream, to create the rosettes. The cones were covered in icing and then rolled in a mixture of pink and blue sugar crystals. The pillars set can be purchased at any cake-decorating shop.

This cake couldn’t have been easier to make, and we are beginners. Our guests couldn’t believe this was a homemade cake. We had a blast making and decorating this cake, and will definitely do it again in the future. Oh, it was very tasty too!