I helped my friend make this Dinosaur cake for her son’s fourth birthday.

We used three 3″ x 9″ round sponges. To make the body, we cut one sponge in half, stuck it together with butter icing and jam and then stood it on its side. With the second sponge, we made two crescent shapes to use for the neck and the tail. These were stuck in place with the butter icing. For the head we use half a sponge which was then halved again; we stuck it together with butter icing and jam, and then up-ended it and pushed it gently into the neck. The feet were made of small wedge shapes of sponge.

Everything was stuck together with butter icing. For the body, we used food colouring to tint the butter icing orange. We then decorated with sweets: sugar rainbow strips, strawberry strings, smarties, chocolate buttons, etc. There was quite a lot of one sponge left over but that meant we didn’t have to worry about making cutting mistakes.