Cool Homemade Homemade Firetruck Birthday Cake

This cake was made for my youngest son’s 4th birthday party which had a firetruck theme.

My husband built a platform with wooden wheels and painted it black. I baked my cake in a regular 11″ x 15″ pan, then cut approx. 2″ across the top of it. I then cut the rest of the cake lengthways down the middle. I stacked the two long pieces on top of each other, crumb coated them, cut the 2″ piece in half and placed the pieces side by side on the top. I star-tipped the entire cake, added red coloring to the icing and then, to enhance the color, sprayed it red.

I outlined and filled in windows, outlined ladders and made buttons. We used the flashing LED lights that go on children’s bicycle tires and lights for the top of the firetruck. This firetruck was a BIG hit with the kids.