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Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cake

I found out my daughter had celiac disease recently, so she cannot eat any gluten. My younger daughter’s birthday was coming up and she loves frogs and the color green. So, I called my friend who had made an awesome dragon cake! It was great! So I made this Homemade Frog Birthday Cake.

I made a 9×12 cake, 2 5×5 cakes & 1 9″round. PLUS, we had some older Wilton cake molds that look like half eggs. I made them all. I had to make everything out of gluten free stuff – the great news is that it is SO easy to apply the icing!

We laid the 9×12 on a cake board and put the 9″round on top. Then my friend used a serrated bread knife and made a triangular shape for a nose. She used what we cut off the make webbed feet. We used the 2 5″rounds as eyes and sliced the half-egg shaped cake pans down the sides for back legs.

At this point we were jumping up and down because it looked great. Then we used the meltable chocolate discs to create “warts” and some green sparkles. For toes we used pink M&M’s! Finally we just mixed a little bit of the white icing we had saved to the side and colored it black and made eyes!

The next morning I showed it to the birthday girl (3) and she said “My frog cake, can I eat it?”

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  1. I have been looking for a frog cake design to use for my daughter’s birthday and I think this is it! SOOO CUTE!! and I thought m&m’s were gluten free-its the flour products that contain the gluten right? Anyway they are big enough to have visual impact and small enough to pick off if they do have gluten. Great idea, way to go!


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