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Coolest Homemade Garden Birthday Cake

I made this Garden birthday cake for a friend who’s father was turning 70 years old. He loves to garden.

I used gum paste to make each veggie and the garden signs. I colored small pieces of the gum paste with food coloring. I molded each veggie by hand. I laid them out to dry for about four days. My husband cooked three round 9″ chocolate cakes and spread pudding between each layer. He is better at making even layers, so he jumped in to help!

I frosted the cake with a chocolate base coat. It was smooth with no crumbs, so I only did the one coat this time. I evenly spread the chocolate sugar wafers all the way around the cake for a fence effect. I crumbled up several chocolate wafers and spread them over the top of the cake to create the effect of soil or dirt. I then had fun spreading the veggies on the cake to form the garden and I also placed the garden signs accordingly. I also placed a few veggies in the front for decoration and color. I was very pleased with the end result.

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