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Coolest Homemade Hedgehog Cake

I saw this picture of a Hedgehog Cake in a recipe book in a book store and took a photo of the page with my mobile phone. I then set about trying to replicate it.

I baked two round cakes in pyrex bowls, one small and one large. I cut two triangular shapes off the smaller cake to make the hedgehog’s pointed face. The larger cake formed his body. I iced the whole cake in chocolate butter icing and then started cutting about 18 Cadbury Flake chocolates into shards; these I then inserted into the hedgehog’s body.

I made his eyes, nose, ears and feet out of plastic icing and used a toothpick to make lines on his face. For the grass, I pushed green plastic icing through a garlic press, which turned out really well.

I loved this cake, and so did Travis, my two year old. His twin brother, Jamie, wanted a Ladybird cake and you can view it on this site as well.

I was very proud of the two cakes I made.

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