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Coolest Homemade Mother’s Day Flower Cake

This homemade Mother’s Day flower cake was white cake (I was using light colors so I didn’t want the cake color to show through). This is covered in yellow fondant.

The daisies are made out of gum paste and fondant mixed 50/50. They are cut out using the daisy cutter and then using a fondant tool the petals are shaped by pushing lightly on each petal and pulling towards the center. This is done on top of a soft sponge. The center is made with yellow fondant/gum paste mixture (I used the 50/50 mix because they dry harder then fondant alone).

The box on top is made out of white fondant/gum paste mixture by using a cookie cutter and a strip for the walls of the box. I used the small daisy cutter to imprint the sides of the walls of the box. Then the ribbon around the bottom is just a strip of fondant pinch every inch or so and then glued to the cake with gum paste glue (this is just a small piece of gum paste dissolved in water).

The daisies are then glued down the cake using the gum paste glue and the box is built up with a piece of fondant so that not as many are needed to have them coming out of the box.

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