This Homemade Pony Cake was for my daughter Ava’s 4th Birthday. We went horse riding for the day and she had to have a pink pony cake. I made a regular sponge cake and cut the pony shape I drew out of it. I didn’t want to use too much food colouring so I iced the entire cake with a butter icing with no colour.

I used pink icing for the mane and edible glitter gel for the halter. I used a pink ribbon for the reins, and held it in place with a pink sewing pin (sterilized!). I shaped the mane using a pastry brush to give it hair texture. The eye is a large chocolate button and the eyelashes are made from licorice. The candles are pony shaped too, my mum sent them from Sydney.

Ava loved her cake and the guests were impressed too.