Coolest Homemade Roulette Cake

This Homemade Roulette Cake is just a basic round 12 inch cake. I made buttercream and dyed it light brown, frosted the entire cake brown and then divided the cake into sections for the roulette numbers. I started by dividing into 4 sections and then just kept dividing. I sectioned off 0 and 00 first and then went from there. I had to leave off about 4 #’s but the wheel is pretty close to accurate.

Then I just added the black and red alternating buttercream icing and lastly added the white piping to clean up the lines. Wrote the numbers with white. I did make the handle and ball out of fondant, but the rest is all buttercream. I placed the ball on the #30 because it was a 30th birthday.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Roulette Cake”

  1. this cake is awesome! I am going to try to make it for my boyfriend for his birthday! how big did you make the black and red parts? it looks like about 2 in. long and 1 in wide along the edges. Thanks!


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