Coolest Homemade Sesame Street Cake

I saw a cake like this Sesame Street cake online and thought it would be really cute for my son’s upcoming birthday. I thought I would have a trial run first and this is how it came out.

I made a marble double layer 8″ cake and a marble double layer 6″ cake. I used buttercream frosting and MMFs, all hand cut, for decoration.

It was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I was happy with how it came out!

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  1. I love your cake. Is there a way that you can send me pics of the the whole cake (each side)? I would love to try to replicate it its too cute!

  2. I would love to make this cake for my Godson whose 1st birthday is coming up. Can you send me a full picture of this cake.

  3. My son is turning 3 and he is obsessed with Sesame Street. I have been trying to find some inspiration to get all the characters on one cake and this looks perfect! Can you send me pics of the other sides and further instructions on how you achieved your final look? What are MMF’s??? My son just looked at your pic and said “Oh…that ‘s my cake!” Thanks so much!

  4. I love the idea of this cake and have to do a big bird one myself. Is there any chance you have more pictures showing how you did big bird on the cake? it looks awesome!

  5. It really is wonderful! I too would like to see the rest and how you did the faces on the sides. I am also not sure what MMFs are. Thanks

  6. My twins Grandson’s are about to have there first birthday, and I would love to make this cake for them. I never tried to make a cake before, but I think it would very special for me, if I make it for them than buy a cake.

    Can you please email me the whole cake pictures Also what is MMFS?
    Thanks so much

  7. I would like to try making this cake. Where did you get the mmf or did you make that. Also how did you cut out the faces, did you have a pattern or just free hand. May I also have some pictures of it showing all the characters. Thank you so much for your time. Also sorry for so much thrown at you. Thank you so much. You can send them at


  8. Love your cake and would like to make it for my Granddaughter’s first birthday. I am asking also for a photo of the complete cake. Is all the sesame characters made out of MMf? I Plan on making the cake for May first. please send information to
    thank you.
    grandma Sandy

  9. We are all asking for some answers, will you please help us so we can make our cakes as nice as yours.
    Thank you.

  10. I know you are probably overwhelmed with requests for pictures of this cake, but I would also LOVE to see the entire cake. I’m thinking about doing something similar for my son’s birthday in May.

    If possible, can you please email to Thanks SO MUCH!!!

  11. This cake looks amazing! I’m gonna attempt it for my son’s birthday. Would you please send me pics of the whole cake? How did you mold the marshmallow fondants characters?

  12. Would love to try and make this cake for my daughter. She loves Sesame Street. Do you have step by step directions and more pictures?

  13. I will be making the cake starting Wednesday, got the ingredients for the mmf and have cut out photos of sesame characters. Hope it turns out. Please send me the photos that you have.

    Thank you.

  14. Hi,I really love this cake. With work being slow I have to economize and make my baby’s first cake. Thank you,Elizabeth

  15. My twins are turning two this year and I would love to make this cake for them. May I have the instructions on how to do this cake? Thank you.

  16. I absolutely love this cake. You did an incredible job. My son is turning 2 next month and would love to be able to replicate this cake. Do you have more photos and more instructions on how to make this cake? my email is bethanyh_17(at)

  17. Hello…I really like this cake. I was wondering if you could email me some more pictures of it so I could have one made for my sons 1st Bday. Thanks. My email is yvonnear758(at)

  18. I made this cake for a co-worker’s sons’ first birthday and it was a BIG HIT!!! Everyone loved it! It is a very colorful, darling cake.

    Thanks for sharing – b.mathis – Chicago, IL

  19. If you, or any of the above lovely ladies who have heard from this baker, can send me more pics and more instructions I would be eternally grateful. This will be my first wack at doing such a detailed cake, but I love it for my daughter’s second birthday.

    my email is sarahaarssen at gmail dot com

  20. PLEASE PLEASE send me the how to instruction. My son’s 1st b-day is in 10 days, YES 10 DAYS and I would love to make my own cake instead of paying $200.

  21. I would also love to get more pictures of all side of this cake. I am going to see if my grandmother can make this cake for my son’s 2nd birthday.

  22. I made a similar cake and posted directions. See Coolest sesame street first birthday cake 38. I hope this helps. The red is very hard to make.
    good luck

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