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Coolest Homemade Snail Birthday Cake

My daughter is turning 6 and is in love with snails. She has water snails for pets and spends countless hours searching for and playing with garden snails around the property. I wanted to surprise her with a snail cake, but didn’t want a huge commitment with baking and sculpting all day.

I baked two 9″ rounds, which I stuck together with frosting, and a small square for the pieces of the neck and tail. I also baked one cupcake for the round for the head. I frosted all of the pieces separately and then stuck them together with frosting. The antenaae are pirouette cookies and the eyes are marshmallows!

I loved the idea of making the mud out of chocolate frosting and dirt out of chocolate cake crumbles. The candy pebbles were also such a cute touch.

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