My 8 yr old is obsessed with Pokemon. His favorite character is Torterra, so I went about trying to figure out how to build him a Homemade Torterra Cake. I printed off a Torterra coloring page from clip art, then enlarged it to get an idea of the size cake pans I would need.

I used a 13 x 9 inch cake for the base, then put an 8 inch round on top of that. I used half of an 8 inch round sticking out to the side to become the tree on Torterra’s back. Then the head, legs, and tail are all parts cut from the other 8 inch cake I baked.

I then frosted the whole cake before adding fondant on top of the cake. I didn’t think anyone would like the flavor of the fondant so we just took it off when slicing the cake.

I am not an expert working with fondant and am sure I didn’t do it properly, but I cut and pieced the fondant together like a puzzle. The spikes I rolled in my hand like playdough to make it really 3D. The boys really loved it and it was fun to make.