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Coolest Homemade Waterfall Birthday Cake

This is the Waterfall cake I made for my son’s first birthday. I looked everywhere for the perfect cake but couldn’t find a tiered scene cake anywhere, so I decided to create my own.

I combined a few ideas I got from the volcano and waterfall cake designs, but the rest I came up with on my own. I wanted to keep the dinosaurs; they are made out of polymer clay. The pillars were covered in fondant to make them look like palm trees; the fondant had to be brushed down with a wet paintbrush to make it stick. The fondant leaves were attached with green white chocolate. The volcano was made with fondant and covered with white and dark chocolate.

Everything else was decorated with cream cheese icing; this proved a little too soft but it was a carrot cake and it had to taste good! I also made a separate smash cake, which my son enjoyed. I wish I had taken a picture without the candles, as the scene seems a little cluttered with them!

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