Coolest Homer Simpson Cake

I made this Homer Simpson Cake using 3 packets of buttercake mix which I baked in a large rectangular tin. For the image I found a picture of Homer on the internet, blew it up to size and printed it on A3 paper. I then used wax paper to trace the outline of the head and shoulders and cut it out and then individually traced the eyes, the mouth and the shirt.

After the cake had cooled I put the outline cutout on the cake and thinly spread the green icing over the cake, when I lifted off the paper it left the shape of the head and shoulders without icing. Then I placed the eyes, mouth and shoulders and iced the yellow part.

I lifted the cutouts off and was left with an area to ice white (shirt and eyes) and brown (mouth). After that I got a liquorish roll which I cut into long strips and used for the outline. Note; I used the premade icing in a tub and coloured it, only because I never get icing right and that way I knew that I had the right consistency.

The first layer of icing usually soaks into the cake a little so after the liquorish outline is on it does make it easier with the second coat of icing. My son loved it!

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