Cool Homemade Hoot the Owl Cake

To make a 3D ABC’s Hoot the Owl Cake, I used a ball cake tin mold and used a basic butter cake recipe for the cake. A few days before I printed a picture of Hoot the Owl and sculpted the legs, wings, face mask and eyeballs from white plastic icing. I used tylose powder to harden the pieces and dried the face mask on the outside of the ball tin to get the shape of the curve right.

For the coloring I used Amerigel coloring (from cake decorating store), in electric orange for his wings and legs. The body of the bird I iced using a butter cream and colored with Amerigel electric blue. The base of the bird I inserted a timber cake rod to hold the ball shaped head on. As Hoot is not perfectly round I also had to carve the lower part into shape. I iced each section independently and let the butter cream set before assembling.

Once assembled I inserted rods horizontally at the sides of the cake to support the wings. The black details I finished with Queen black writing gel. This was for my son’s 2nd birthday.

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