Coolest Hoot the Owl Cake

I decided to make this Hoot the Owl cake for my son’s 1st birthday. He absolutely loves Hoot. It’s the first special cake I have ever made and it turned out really good so if I can do it you can too.

I made it with no instructions whatsoever just had to use my common sense and sorry but if you want to make it you will have to as well!! Because I am a first timer I did things in different stages because I didn’t want to be stuck doing everything all at once and I think it really helped!

Here are some tips though and the tools that I used:

For the shape of the actual cake I used 2 stainless steel bowls, 1 bigger than the other but not that much bigger. Cut off a section off each of the cakes until they matched up but as you can see the bigger cake only has a small section cut off compared to the bottom part which is almost a semi circle. It was just covered in blue rollable icing.

The eyeballs are just the tops of cupcakes covered in white rollable icing

and the whole eye area is cake that I have cut out using a template I drew myself and then iced in butter cream icing. The beak was the hardest part I think. It was cake cut in the right shape then covered in orange rollable icing.

I used some toothpicks in the tops of the eyes because it was very thin and weak as it went to room temperature and I was afraid it would break plus it is supposed to be poking out away from the rest of the head anyway.

Also because the main cake was made using bowls it meant that it wasn’t a complete dome. There was a small flat area right on the top of both pieces which meant I needed to fill it in a bit using chocolate cream icing before I covered it with the rollable icing.

It was definitely not easy but I am very happy how it turned out and I think my little man loved it.

Homemade Hoot the Owl Cake

Homemade Hoot the Owl Cake

Homemade Hoot the Owl Cake

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