I made this Horror Movie birthday cake for my oldest son’s birthday. He loves scary movies so I decided to make him a horror movie cake.

I used 2 chocolate cakes and put them side by side. I cut a 1 inch strip down along one side of each cake so that I could put the flat sides together to make one big cake. I used the cut off pieces for the 3 elevated parts on top of the cake. I frosted the entire cake with whipped butter cream icing mixed with food coloring. Green for the grass and blue for the water.

I smashed graham crackers for the dirt, used pretzel sticks for the fence. For the 2 little trees, I dipped grape stems into melted chocolate and then dipped the tips into green rice krispies and hung them upside down to dry for a few hours before putting them on the cake. The rest of the pieces (skeletons, and Acton figures) are plastic that I just put on the cake. Everything but the plastic pieces and the trees are edible.