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Coolest Horse Birthday Cake

I made this Horse birthday cake for a friend’s daughter. She loves horses and her mom wanted one for her 6th birthday. I used two 14″ pans for the pasture and after crumb coating them, I covered them with “grass” in buttercream.

The horse is made by using the Wilton 3-D duck pan. I cut off the duck tail and built up the horse’s muzzle with extra icing. Then I covered the whole thing with a #16 star tip. I used black icing and #21 star tip to pull out and make the tail and mane.

I did the bottom half of the horse and then placed it on the “pasture” where I wanted it, so I could touch the head to help steady it. I then finished decorating the rest of the horse. The “hay bails” are mini cupcakes decorated with a #21 star tip just pulled from bottom to top.

The “fence” is royal icing. My son made a template for me and I just used it over and over on parchment paper until I had enough. After they dried I attached them with icing to the sides.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Horse Birthday Cake”

  1. I’ve never seen such a “cute” 3D horse cake. Your icing looks flawless, and I’m not sure whether I want to eat that horse or pick it up and cuddle it. ; ) Kudos!

  2. i like horses and i think your cake is adorable.how did you make it pop out in a 3-D version.my friend jessica loves horses and she is only 12 years old she has probaly rode a total of 1,000 horses in her life time.would you put the recipe on the Internet so we the people of the united states can make that beuty of a cake so it will be the center peice of my table throusgh my birthday and my familys.


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