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Coolest Horse Birthday Cake Design

My daughter wanted a “full horse” cake for her 8th birthday. I tried to lead her to the cute, and easy looking, horse head cakes I have seen on here…but no…she wanted to whole Horse Birthday Cake Design! So I searched online for a very simple coloring page image of a horse to use as a template, printed it out, enlarged it to fit my pan and cut out the shape. I then cut around the shape ( and went a bit wide to allow for maximum cake to serve later). I crumb coated with butercream and then I mixed store bought chocolate and vanilla frosting to make the brown for the horse, regular dark chocolate frosting for the hooves, mane and tail. I used a star tip for the mane and tail and a little black and glitter frosting for the “highlights.” Oh, and a Junior mint served as the eye!

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  1. I have done a horse cake for my daughters birthday the past 2 years. She is turning 10 and wants another one. Before your cake I had not seen a full horse body cake that I liked. Would love to try and duplicate this though I’m not sure I can! Did you use a 9×13 pan and how did you get it to come out in one piece (flour, wax paper, etc.)? And once you cut around the outline, did you just freehand the rest? I’m very thankful for any more info you can give me!
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