Coolest Horse Birthday Cake Idea

My 4 year old daughter loved horses so I decided on a Horse Birthday Cake Idea. I came on this website for some ideas and came up with this one as the best for me.

I drew a template on paper first and then used it to cut out the cake. I used a large cake pan with 4 boxes of cake mix! Yes it was a huge cake!! Chocolate frosting and then I put some darker chocolate frosting in a piping bag and created the mane for the horse and the mouth and nose.

The cake was a HUGE hit and my daughter LOVED it! It was my favorite to make so far….and took about 4 hours total to do…..almost 2 hours to frost and decorate alone. We had to transport it to her party and had put the cake on a sturdy cardboard box cut to size and covered with aluminum foil. Then I had to find a box to put over the cake while transporting it to protect it. We made it there safe and sound!!