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Coolest Horse Cake

Thanks so much for the pony cake ideas! I cheated a little bit with my daughter’s 6th pony party birthday cake. I just bought a giant chocolate slab cake from the supermarket as the base as we had a lot of people to feed at the party and I didn’t have a cake tin big enough! And to be honest it was actually pretty handy to have the giant cardboard box to hide the cake in before the party started.

I drew the shape of the horse head and neck on a sheet of newspaper and then cut the shape out of the large rectangle cake slab. I made some chocolate icing and iced the horse cake all over. Then I cut up some milk bottle lollies for the pony’s teeth and some red licorice for pony’s lips. I used some black licorice straps for bridle and reins, a marshmallow for the pony’s eye, cut up more licorice for nostril, eyelashes and eye pupil.

The last step was to pipe some vanilla icing for the pony’s mane. Great party and the kids (and the parents) really loved the cake and ate every single piece!

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