Coolest Horseshoe Cake

I made this Horseshoe Cake for my younger sister’s 13th birthday. She loves horses and I knew this would be perfect for her. I started out by baking one 8in cake and one 6in cake. I allowed them both to cool before turning them out on cardboard. I covered them both with white frosting, while I prepared the marshmallow fondant. You can find the recipe online.

Next, I colored the fondant to the desired tint. Rolled it out to about 1/4in thick. I covered each cake with fondant, making sure not to tear it. Then smoothed out all the bumps. Finally, I traced a horseshoe and the numbers out of fondant. I laid them on the cake with a little water, to make them stick.

She was so excited to see the cake. Everyone was asking how I made this cake. I love this website and all the ideas everyone shares! I would not have been able to do all this with out this website. Thanks to everyone for all great ideas!

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