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Coolest Horton Hears a Who Birthday Cake

This was my daughter’s fifth birthday day to coincide with her Dr. Suess birthday theme. I made Horton Hears a Who Birthday Cake from on 12 inch round pan (two cake mixes) and one 12 inch square (two cake mixes). I baked, released and froze both cakes as it’s easier to carve them when they’re frozen.

I cut the square cake length-wise to create the ears. The first step was to place the rectangles on a cake board with a few inches separating them. I then placed the round on top and carved out holes using the round as a guide. This way your “face” and ears” will be flush. I removed the round and removed the excess cake from the remaining rectangles. I then crumb coated Horton and froze “him” again.

Then, it’s all a matter of decorating the cake.

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