Coolest Hot Air Balloon Cake

My mum was celebrating her 60th birthday and her gift was a hot air balloon ride, so it seemed only fitting that she should have a Hot Air Balloon Cake as well! I made the balloon part of the cake in a Pyrex bowl and this was the basic shape with no real cake trimming needed. Just a basic chocolate cake recipe was enough to fill the bowl. I made a second smaller cake to cut out the basket shape.

I used butter cream, 2 different colours. and sliced licorice Allsorts for the ‘patches’ on the balloon and sour lolly straps for decoration. I used butter cream to stick icecream wafers to the basket, and jelly babies as people. Long bamboo skewers as the ropes to hold it together. Two marshmallows with a bit of string tied around were the sand bags and finally, I cut long licorice straps to give outline, because it didn’t look quite right and this gave it definition.

It was easier than I first thought and it ended up being a huge hit!