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Coolest Hot Shower Cake

My sister-in-law makes rag quilt for baby showers of her friends and family members. She was putting on a shower for someone and made a super cute quilt that was hot pink, orange, yellow, blue and green for a little girl. It had flowers and polka-dots on it. She really wanted to do a cake that matched and was different, however she knows from past cakes that I have made that no one wants to cut the cake and eat it because they have all been open houses so people want everyone else to be able to see the cake before eating it.

So I wracked my brain trying to come up with an idea on how to remedy this little problem where people can eat the cake but not ruin the overall look of it so others can enjoy looking at it later too. I made this hot shower cake in four sections with the two different images on two sections. That way you can take out one section at a time leaving the remainder of the cake untouched.

Each section was it’s own cake. They all loved the idea.

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