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Coolest Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Birthday Cake

I made this Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Birthday Cake for my 5 year old son. He loves the Battle Force 5 series, however, there are no cake pans specifically for it. I rented a Wilton (half sheet size) cake pan and filled it with a 3 boxes of devils food chocolate cake mix. I used green, red, blue and black gel coloring (from Wilton’s), and regular food coloring dye and butter cream frosting.

The design was made by first scanning the Battle Force 5 Logo (off a package from a toy car) into Adobe Photoshop and breaking it into 3 sections. I then printed them off into the size I needed so that it would fit the cake diagonally. I outlined the paper with a toothpick and ended up free handing the rest. I used a mid size straight tip to fill in my outlines. I just used my finger to flatten the frosting to blend it which ended up giving it a mosaic/ crackle look.

I had too much empty space on the top and bottom of the design so I bought the Battle Force 5 cars and placed them on the cake (which ended up being great party favors}. I purchased the Happy birthday and balloon sugar decorations at the local store and placed them on the sides of the cake. My son loves this cake and my younger son is begging for one on his birthday.

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  1. I have been trying to figure out what to do for my son’s birthday cake since he wants BF5 as well. Thanks for the ideas!


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