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Coolest Hot Dog and Fries Cake

I made this Hot dog and fries cake by baking two loaf pans 9 x5 using the white almond sour cream cake recipe. Out of the first I cut into it beginning making a V and continuing carving and shaping from there to make the bun. I had to carve and curve the sides. The hot dog took a bit of carving and work to get the proper shape.  At one point it almost looked like a huge sausage and I had to keep cutting to make it look like this.

I covered all with a crumb coat of butter cream first because it had been carved on so much. The chili was a bit tricky.  I started trying to color and still could not get it right.  I ended up adding chocolate frosting , some corn syrup for shine, mini chocolate chips for the meat, and kept thinning with water to get it spreadable. Yellow butter cream for mustard. The fries are cake put under the broiler and turned to brown. Red icing from a tube for the ketchup.

It was not the easiest cake I have ever made but I promise if there is another one it will be much easier and hopefully less time consuming than this one. It was the hit of the party and talked about all night.

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