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Coolest House And Garden Birthday Cake

My niece was turning 7 and asked if I could make her a birthday cake. Her instructions were: a house, a garden, a rabbit, a snail, a rainbow, AND the cake had to be PINK inside. NO PROBLEM!

So this House And Garden Birthday Cake is the creation I came up with. I baked a Betty Crocker choc swirl cake mix(leaving out the choc swirl), colouring the vanilla cake with rose pink food coloring. This was done in a large rectangle tin for the garden and a square tin for the house. Four cake mixes in total.

Buttercream icing tinted green for the grass, a thin layer of pink buttercream icing for the house, before it was decorated with fondant of various shapes and colours. I cut out fondant flowers and attached them to green wire to go around the outside of the cake. These were done two nights before so they could harden and dry.

Rabbit was all handmade with fondant as were the snails. The grass around the outside of the cake and along the path was coloured fondant pushed through a strainer to create the grass effect. The rainbow at the back were strips of felt cut out and pasted onto painted Styrofoam making up the sky for the backdrop. Cotton wool for the clouds and butterfly stickers.

I loved making this cake with all the pretty colours and was so pleased with the result! Next task was to show my niece!! Extremely HAPPY!

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