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Coolest HP Sauce Birthday Cake

HP sauce chocolate sponge cake with every ingredient, nutritional information and label hand drawn. Plus moveable chip made with sponge fingers and covered in fondant. These can then be dipped into the bowl filled with chocolate sauce …. YUM.

The cake is two layers of chocolate sponge filled with chocolate fudge filling. Covered in cut layers of regal ice and sugar paste. The drawings are all done in edible rainbow dust pen, even down to the bar code and recycle information and the queens crest.

This HP Sauce Birthday Cake was made as a request for a birthday cake, I made it just using a deep roasting dish creating a rectangle sponge and cut it down the middle and placed one on top of the other to make the thin bottle shape. To make the labels I used a pizza cutter to make the curves in the labels. This can be replicated to make any bottle shaped cakes, just cover it in brown fondant and you have a beer bottle.

This was the most enjoyable cake I have ever made … and people seemed to love it as well.

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  1. This is a great cake! Very creative, and well done. My father and I love HP, he gives me one in my stocking every Christmas, I never thought id see it made into a cake!


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