Coolest Hula Girl Birthday Cake

My granddaughter asked for a blond, blue eyed Hula Girl Birthday Cake for her 7th birthday pool party. The only examples we could find for inspiration were the cakes baked in a bowl like a skirt with a doll in the top. We sketched out what she had in mind for her cake and Rylee picked strawberry as the flavor.

I make my own fondant and get better working with it each time I bake a cake. It was hard to come up with a skin color tinted fondant, but I think we did pretty well. I made butter cream frosting, tinted several colors and piped it on for the hair, leis and flowers. We used blue colored sugar for the ‘ocean’ and yellow for the ‘sky’.

Rylee was thrilled and proudly showed all her friends ‘her grammie’s cake’ during her party. The ‘outie’ bellybutton was a joke. I always worry that a cake may look pretty but taste terrible. This cake actually tasted good.