Coolest Hula Girl Cake

This Hula Girl cake was inspired from this website. I got a lot of good ideas from here so thank you!

I used a small Pyrex bowl for for the dome and another Pyrex bowl that was flat on the bottom for the base. For the very bottom layer, I used part of an oatmeal tube! I didn’t need that much cake since it was just for my daughter. I used white cake mix and bought regular white icing and tinted it green for my base coat. I let the whole thing cool overnight in the fridge.

Then I used a star tip and decorating icing tinted green to do the grass. It was a small star tip. After that all I had to do was use a small flower tip, tint more icing in varying colors and do the border and flowers on the dress. This could not have been easier!

But it is very time consuming because if you use the wrong icing (like I did for the flowers) you have to put the cake into the fridge very often or the icing just melts off. You have to use the stiff decorating icing that you get back by the fabrics in Walmart.