First Id like to say thanks to all the people who gave their ideas on this site. I made this Homemade Hulk Birthday Cake after looking at your lovely cakes for my son Jake on his 7th birthday.

I used two square 6” fruit cakes and after carving I still had plenty left over. I laid one square flat to the base and this would become the squatting legs and some of the rocks. I cut the other cake into an hourglass shape for the body and placed this upright on the flat cake and used wooden dowel’s to secure. I covered the body with white fondant icing (my children don’t like marzipan) just to get the basic shape of the chest and back muscles and added small amounts of fondant to give more definition. I then covered this in green fondant.

Once I had the body shape I then started to cut away pieces of the bottom cake to leave me with the legs which I then covered in fondant. The pieces of cake I cut away were then covered in white fondant and painted using edible gel colours to look like rocks and placed back around the feet. The base was then covered in white fondant and painted using edible gel.

For the head and arms I covered rice krispie treats in green fondant icing leaving the ragged ends to be used for the neck and shoulder joints. I pushed dowels into the fruit cake and then carefully slid the head on and arms on. I then used small pieces of green fondant to add definition like the veins in the arms etc. I also used edible gel colours to shade the cake and to add the face features.

Once I had worked out how to position my hulk this cake was a real joy to make and my son would rush home from school every day to see any new changes. This cake is one of my best so far.

Thanks for looking.